About Sunny Mood is Fashion

"A smile never goes out of style."

Sunny Mood is Fashion = Beauty, Art, Style, Music, Inspiration, with a daring attitude in the adventure of being the best you. This fashion show came about when I wanted to have a greater impact on my motto of "Feeling Beautiful and Living Beautifully." I've been involved with the beauty/fashion world for 13 years now and felt I've found my bearings in this forever changing innovative, yet fickle industry to share what I think is living up to my motto. From fashion shows to weddings, hair styling to lipstick, day "looks" to evening, every moment is an image, an impression we leave on ourselves and others. How you feel is a reflection of a beauty that is undeniable. A strong feeling smile is a reflection of your surroundings, accomplishments or just feeling pretty. Take the time for yourself to be inspired through your senses. Join Sunny Mood is Fashion... for Sight, Sound,Touch, Taste and Smell. You will be inspired for all seasons to "Feel Beautiful and Live Beautifully!"

- Tiffany Lowry, Sunny Mood Is Fashion, Founder and CEO